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The Empty Nester’s Dinner; Popcorn & Wine

The Empty Nester’s Dinner; Popcorn & Wine

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Have you ever come home from work, and just not felt like cooking a damned thing?


If I had the strength to get up and answer the door, I’d order a pizza, but then I’d have to actually talk to someone to order it! (Yes…I could order it online, but I still have to talk to the delivery dude…)

Way back when I was minus two children, with the youngest one still at home, I’d get home from work, and still have to cook because my youngest child is a boy/man, who still needed to eat at least 3 meals a day that I HAD TO COOK!

Damned kids 😉

I thanked God and His blessed Universe the day that my last one moved out, because that, my friends, was the day that I stumbled upon the fabulous dish that is popcorn, enjoyed at about the time that mere mortals eat what they call “dinner”.

Yes…it would appear that it was much easier to throw some popcorn into the microwave (or onto the stove, whatever was in the cupboard), turn on my favorite Netflix binge and just relax, without a care in the world; no kids to feed, no homework to help with, and no one to drop off or pick up at baseball, ballet or piano lessons.

To be fair, my oldest daughter lives across the street and she’s an awesome cook, but she’s recently started dating someone, so although we still talk very regularly, we don’t see each other nearly as often as we used to.

Is it terrible that I’m cool with that?

Don’t get me wrong, my children are my favorite people to hang out with, they are each in effect, miniature versions of me to some degree (so what could be better?). But there’s this weird part of me that simply loves being completely alone. Again…I’m not some type of hermit, I like being social, but that mood strikes me in very small doses. I think that because I spent so many years (25 to be exact) being around people (my children) 24/7, the peace that I’m experiencing in my post-child raising life is both exhilarating and well past due.

My day job is very social, so much so that I’d easily say that for 8 hours, I do nothing but talk to other women from every imaginable walk of life. I love it, but it’s exhausting. So when I get home, I’m tired, so cooking isn’t something that I relish, but I’m also hungry, so I open the cupboard, and reach for the popcorn.

It’s heaven in a bowl. Especially with that flavored sprinkle stuff (bring on the cheddar).

But with that popcorn, one absolutely must have wine 😊

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