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Field Trips and Bake Sales

Field Trips and Bake Sales

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As a parent, you’ll be expected to attend or contribute in some way to your child’s school field trips and bake sales, etc., whether that contribution involves baking or driving, they’re going to look to you for help. As a single parent, you’ll likely find that because you don’t have an ‘other half’ to pick up the slack while you attend/contribute to these activities, they tend to leave you frazzled, as you drag your other child(ren) along for the ride.

I rarely did field trips, simply because I wasn’t a fan of having other people’s kids in my car. You know the ones I mean; those kids who sit in your back seat and kick the living shit out of the back of the driver’s seat while you’re sitting in it. Worse yet, you’re coming back from the pumpkin patch, and the little bastard’s boots are covered in wet mud, AND they’ve got them on the seat. I had no patience for it. I used to feel like I couldn’t say no when the teacher asked if I could drive for the trip to the pumpkin patch (at Halloween), so I said “yes”, knowing full well that;

  1. This trip included a hay ride
  2. I’m ugly allergic to both horses AND hay. Go figure.

So there I was the entire trip, suffering from the worst kind of stress-inducing anxiety; red, itchy swollen eyes, runny nose and all. But I signed up, so I had to suck it up and move forward for my children.

I did the pumpkin patch field trip twice; my ex-husband (bless his heart) agreed to do it the third time with our son. Thank Christ.

The point of this little lesson?

As single moms, we have enough stress without adding things like allergy inducing horses and hayrides. Your sanity comes first. Feel free to say “no” when you need to.

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