I Do NOT Like the Term “Empty Nester”

My children have grown up and moved out, but I do NOT like the term “empty nester”.

There’s even a ‘syndrome’ associated with the term that I don’t care for either. It makes me sound like some doddering, boring, terrified and graying old woman, who shuffles around her big old house muttering to herself because she feels like she no longer has anything to live for, as her children have left for parts more exciting than their own back yard.

Though I use it, I don’t like it because the term does not refer to me. I’m far from ‘doddering’, even further from ‘boring’. Very few things terrify me, and as for ‘graying’, there’s our old friend Clairol. So there.

I Do NOT Like the Term “Empty Nester”.

I’ve had no kids living in my house for about a year now, and though I’m familiar with some of the stress that some parents feel when their kids move out, I didn’t feel any of it; not then, and I still don’t. That’s not to say that I didn’t miss my children at first, but I’m more than ready to get on with my own life. I’m excited to see exactly where this new found freedom takes me.

There are more than a few things that we as parents give up, and put on hold in order to have and raise children. Having done everything in my power to make damn sure I raised those children to be positively contributing members of our society, it’s time for me to be proud of my accomplishment(s), as I bounce straight into the bliss that is my new existence as a single, childless woman. This is the person that I was when I was twenty years old; excited to face the world, and all of the possibilities and unknown opportunities that it held for me.

I Do NOT Like the Term “Empty Nester”.

I refuse to let time pass me by, looking back at old pictures of my babies when they were actually babies. Instead, I look forward to the future babies that my children will undoubtedly bring into their own lives, and into mine as well.

Our children will be fine. They are beautiful, intelligent, loving individuals who’re facing the world with all of the abilities and values that we’ve embedded into them. It’s our time to face the world with the same enthusiasm that we wish for our children.

I Do NOT Like the Term “Empty Nester”. I think I’ll have to come up with something better to replace it.


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