I’m Obsessed with the Weather


Because I can’t fucking WAIT for this ‘glorious summer’ season to be completely OVER. Don’t get me wrong, in general, the sunshine is nice, but the HEAT! I can’t DO the heat anymore!

Is that crazy?

I much prefer the colder temps, when you can warm up with a sweater. In 35 degree heat, all you can really do is sit (or stand) there and sweat. And at this time in my life, I’m doing that anyway!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked in from work, and stripped to my underwear, bra and all, and spent the rest of the evening nearly naked on the couch, with a fan blowing on me.

It’s early October, and it’s finally cooling down here in Vancouver, though these days it still gets to about 17 degrees. It’s barely sweater/cardigan weather and I’m loving it. Every day before I leave my house, I look at the weather app on my phone. God forbid that I head out in a sweater that I don’t absolutely need to wear. I’d be completely drenched by the time I’ve made it two blocks on foot. I can’t deal.

As I check the weather app on my phone, it says that it’s only 8 degrees right now, but it’s also 3 am. On the flip, it’s only supposed to get up to 12 degrees tomorrow (or should I say, later today), and it’s supposed to rain.

Thank Christ.


Debbie xo

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