I’ve Stopped Eating Meat

I’ve only been a real empty-nester for about the last year or so, but one of the most significant changes that I’ve noticed in the last year, is that I’ve acquired what I previously would have labelled as a ‘weird distaste’ for meat. And there’s no one else in the house who eats it, or needs me to cook it.

I’m not just talking about red meat (which I wasn’t a huge fan of before the kids left), but chicken, pork, you name it, I just can’t eat it anymore I’ll never give up seafood though. (Don’t hate…and don’t email me about how a fish’s life is just as valuable as a cow’s life. I don’t care about that shit.)

I stopped buying/cooking meat because I was simply too tired to ‘go all out’ for dinner after work, and because I hadn’t eaten it in probably a couple of months before this big epiphany, when I finally had time to grocery shop for actual food (instead of just popcorn, chips and wine), meat wasn’t something that I even wanted to go near.

Strange, right?

A friend invited me over for a barbeque this week, and I’m seriously thinking about grabbing some of those God-awful veggie burgers, because I don’t think I can stomach an actual burger.

Who’d have thought?

So…what do I do now? Am I vegetarian?

I think I’m Pescatarian, because of the seafood thing. I have a friend who’s Pescatarian, and I always wondered “How can you NOT eat meat, but eat seafood?”

I get it now.

For me, it’s not a “eating meat is cruel to animals” thing. For me, it’s simply a “my body just doesn’t want to ingest meat anymore” thing.

Now…bacon is another thing altogether. Bacon is not meat in my book. I’m not giving up bacon like I’m not giving up seafood, but it’s not something that I’ll cook on a regular basis. Never have. I’m not a fan of the way that it splatters everywhere while it’s frying, and to be honest, I’ve never eaten it more often than maybe once a year.

So I’m still a Pescatarian.

Sounds like a religion.

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