Puppy Adventures

My oldest daughter just got a dog. He’s probably the cutest little thing I’ve ever seen. We’re all completely in love with this little guy, but he’s still a puppy.

I’ve been over to visit for the past couple of days, and it reminds me exactly why I vowed never to get another puppy. Don’t get me wrong; as I said before, we love him. But WOW…he’s a ton of work! I’ve already nicknamed him “doo doo monster”, for reasons that should be obvious, and because he’s only 10 weeks old, he requires a TON of attention.

I guess what I’m saying is that it’s really nice to be the one who gets to go over and visit, play with him til we’re both exhausted, and leave when I’m tired of the noise and activity. It’s the absolute tits. And I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

My daughter is now starting to understand (though on a very surface level) what it might be like to have an actual human baby. Having a puppy might actually be more labour intensive, as she can’t hop into the shower while he’s asleep, because he passes out on the couch. If she leaves him there, he’ll very likely wake up, hop onto the floor, begin the search for her, and while he’s at it, he’ll live right up to his new nickname (doo doo monster), and ‘drop a couple’ on her new carpet (she just moved into a new apartment).

Gone are the days when ‘mom’ was the one who had to concern herself with all the work of managing three kids and a fucking puppy! Now, when mom’s had enough, she hops into her shoes, grabs her jacket, and she gets the hell atta’ there!

Life is SO good 🙂


Debbie xo

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