Single Mom; Save Your Sanity!

I won’t shit you on this one; making friends as a single mother can be difficult, unless you’re at a job every day, in which case, you’re naturally interacting with other ‘grown ups’ 8 hours a day.

Odds are that you’ll form social bonds with some of the people that you work with, and that’s fantastic. For single-stay-at-home moms, there’s a massive part of you that’ll feel guilty the first few times that you venture out socially without your ‘ankle biters’, but DO IT ANYWAY.

The best way to find a circle of friends to chill with, is to start with moms in your neighborhood. Once you feel like you’ve met some moms that you ‘click’ well enough to hang out with, suggest that you head out as a group in the evening sometime! Hire a babysitter (or two as a group), and do something social like a movie, dinner at a great restaurant without kids (there’s a novel concept), bowling, take a class, the sky’s the limit! You have no idea how badly they probably want to get out unless you ask. They’ll very likely welcome the opportunity to get out with someone new, perhaps doing something new, or even doing the ‘same old, same old’. At least you’ve got someone new to do it with, and you’ll very likely have new things to learn about each other, and to talk about.

Regardless of how guilty you feel, getting out with other adults is an absolute must. It’ll keep you from ‘snapping’ and losing your patience with your little ones, it’ll keep your brain from ‘rotting’ without regular adult interaction, and trust me, if you don’t, you’ll be bitchy and impatient with everyone (who wouldn’t?). the time away from your kids is actually very good for them, and they need the break from you too 😉

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