13 Tips to Boost Your Online Sales

Have you ever seen websites that sell random products, and wondered how much money they’re really making?

Have you ever tried to sell a product online and found that it didn’t sell nearly as well as you hoped it would? Maybe you’ve thought this “online business thing” is all a big scam.

Maybe one is really making any money online?

You’re Wrong.

The truth is that although there is a lot of bad advice out there, and although a lot of JUNK is being sold in a very cynical matter, those who ‘get it’ are REALLY thriving.

The web makes it possible to connect with an enormous audience of billions of people, and we can provide them with all kinds of products on complete automation. If you can create or find a great product and then share it with the right people, you can generate a MASSIVE PROFIT, literally while you sleep.

It’s that simple.

There are people out there who are making hundreds of thousands of dollars every month from their online businesses.


If you want to own a successful online business, or if you already have an eCommerce store that’s floundering, this post is going to share the answers you’ve been looking for.

No scams.

No tricks.

Just 13 extremely powerful tips that can’t guarantee you success, but are insanely powerful in the right hands.

These are 13 Tips to Boost Your Online Sales.

Let’s get started.

1. Upsell

The first Tip to Boost Your Online Sales is to Upsell. Selling a customer one product is great, but selling that customer two items is even better!

The hardest part of selling online is getting someone to open their wallet, trust in your company and buy your product(s).

So, if you’re at that point already, take the opportunity to try and add a second item to the sale!
That might mean an addon of a small purchase to “sweeten the deal”, it could be a ‘buy one get one’ format, or it might even mean upgrading the product to the “Premium Edition.” 

Maybe on the face of it, a $50 e-book is too much. But paying $20 more to upgrade that $50 e-book to the $70 premium edition with bonus tools and information? Your customer just might jump at that!

2. Offer a Free Voucher

A free voucher is another great way to turn that first purchase into repeat success. A free voucher offers your audience a future product from you at a discount. This both rewards their initial purchase and also incentivizes them to buy more. 

3. Focus on Superior Service

Have you ever received exceptional customer service while shopping? Didn’t that make you want to spend more, return to that store, etc.?

A simple but effective strategy to boost your online sales, is to provide the best customer service you possibly can. By providing exceptional customer service, you can be sure that people will a) say nice things about you and b) want to use your service again. 

A great customer experience is invaluable. Customers will appreciate it and they will share their great customer experience. Any business that goes out of their way to make the customer experience special creates a connection with its customers.

3. Run Split Tests

What is Split Testing?

The ability to run split tests changed online marketing forever. They involve creating two slightly different versions of the same sales or landing page. You compare the performance of each version before adopting the changes across your entire site/marketing campaign. Try comparing different colors, fonts, phrasing, and more.

Make sure that you run your tests long enough that the results are actually reflective of a general trend – rather than just being a fluke. You can do this by calculating the “P” value.

4. Use a Narrative Structure

Narrative, also known as ‘story telling’ is often described as “SEO for the human brain.” What is meant by that, is that people relate to stories. And you can get your audience to lean in and engage with whatever story you’re telling, as long as it’s honest and engaging. This is crucial if you want them to not only stay on your site or page,  but also to buy from you.

Instead of sharing dry facts and analytics about your product, try to find the human interest that includes that product and turn it into an interesting story that the reader can’t wait to hear or read more of!

5. Calculate Your CLV

Your CLV is your “customer lifetime value.” This tells you how much on average, each visitor who buys from you will be worth to your business. You can find this number by looking at your current product offering, the conversion rates for each one, the profits on each one, and how many times the average user buys from you.

Your CLV is important because it tells you how much a visitor is worth to you. If you run an ad campaign and you’re spending less than this amount per visitor, you should be able to guarantee a return on investment (ROI).

6. Use Video

Using video is #6 on the list of 13 Tips to Boost Your Online Sales.

Video is a great way to enhance your marketing efforts. Not only is it not seen frequently enough, but it’s also used only in a fairly narrow capacity. While it’s fairly common to see videos that simply read the sales script, it’s much less common to encounter videos that work like conventional ads: attempting to sell the value proposition by showing emotive footage cut together well.

This can be game-changing. You can acquire video in a number of ways for your marketing. You can hire a professional editor and get them to make your product look as awesome as possible. Add a soundtrack, and you can motivate people to stop thinking, focus on what they’re seeing, and just click on that “buy” button!

You can also cut in stock footage into your marketing videos. Videvo is a great tool to find free stock video for marketing purposes.

7. Use a Pop-Over

Pop-overs, or light-boxes, are boxes that appear over your page content and make the rest of the page fall dark. They can be an excellent way to grab attention and to promote a discount or offer. Even better, pop-overs can be tweaked to appear only under certain conditions. The best example? A pop-over that appears when the user tries to exit the site.

8. Remove Ads

If you’re trying to Boost Your Online Sales but you still have ads for other products on your website like Google AdSense, it’s crucial that you remove those ads as soon as you can. All these ads do is to send clicks away from your site, minimizing your own sales.

9. Remove Navigation Elements

The same thing is true for other navigation elements. Your sales page should not include easy buttons that will take visitors back to the homepage, or to other pages on your site. Again, this only encourages your visitors to leave the page without having bought anything – which is precisely what you don’t want them to do!

10. Better Targeting

Don’t assume that low conversion rates are a result of a sales script or design that isn’t doing the job. Just as likely, is that it is your targeting that is missing.

In other words, you may find that you are bringing the wrong people to your page, to begin with, who would never buy your product even with all the persuasion in the world!

11. Increase Site Speed

Run the page speed optimization test from Google to see if your page is loading speedily. This is extremely important as a slow page load speed will not only hurt your SEO but will also cause a lot of people to leave your site before it even has a chance to load. People online are impatient! And not just that, but keep in mind that your website might well come across as less well-put-together and professional if it takes ages to load.

13 Tips to Boost Your Online Sales

This reduces trust, meaning that people won’t want to hand over their payment details.

12. Offer A Money-Back Guarantee

A money-back guarantee is a no-brainer that is missing from a lot of websites. The reason for this is that money-back guarantees provide your audience with the assurance that they will like the product – or be reimbursed. This, in turn, removes one of the primary barriers to sale and ensures that many more people go through with clicking “buy.”

13 Tips to Boost Your Online Sales

At the same time, money-back guarantees will rarely be “cashed in.” This means that you really stand to lose nothing, and to gain an awful lot!

13. Use Instagram Stories

Last but not lease of our 13 Tips to Boost Your Online Sales is to use Instagram Stories in your marketing.

13 Tips to Boost Your Online Sales

Instagram Stories are an extremely powerful tool that a lot of online business owners don’t fully utilize. Stories have the benefit of feeling personal and very “in the moment,” which in turn makes them highly engaging. What’s more, is that Instagram stories often notify your followers to get them to tune in right away.