9 Easy Ways How to Save Money Starting a Blog

9 Easy Ways How to Save Money Starting a Blog –

If you’re thinking about starting a blog there are at least 9 Easy Ways How to Save Money Starting a Blog. The real beauty of starting a blog now is that you can start one for next to nothing!

There’s actually no business that you can start for less than a blog.

True story.

Starting a blog can be one of the least expensive online businesses to start, that can generate the highest return on investment.

Is starting a blog a lot of work? 


According to Statista, there are going to be close to 32 million active bloggers (those who blog at least once a month) in the US alone by 2020. There is a huge potential to make a lot of money (more than you would at your average job) when it comes to blogging.

Blogging is a lot of hard work, trial and error to get things right, and that trial and error takes time. 

If you are the frugal type foe whom spending money on anything makes you cringe, spending money on a blog that doesn’t immediately make money can be frustrating.

I know. I’m that person.

That is why I came up with several ways to save money on a tight budget when starting a new blogging business. I had to. When I started blogging, I had 3 young children at home, and money was tight. 

9 Easy Ways How to Save Money Starting a Blog

Let’s go into how a blogger can make money blogging, and then I’ll share the tips that I used (and STILL use) for blogging!

Bloggers Can Make A Lot Of Money

There is no question of that. Many blogs make more in a single month than most people make in an entire year!

One of the great things about blogging is that you have complete control over how much money you want to make. That’s just one of the reasons I do it.

Here are a few of the main ways to make money blogging:

  • Affiliate income
  • Display ads
  • Launching your own product
  • Sponsored content

The actual process of starting a blog is a lot of work, but it’s not that difficult, even if you’re not a “techie.” I’m not what I would consider a “techie”. When I first started blogging, I had a programmer install WordPress for me. 

Now I do it myself, but believe me, if I can do it, then you can start a blog too!

One can easily get carried away spending money when it comes to starting a blog.

You can pour money into your new blogging venture all day long on things like;

  • Custom theme
  • Plugins
  • Branding kits
  • Logo design
  • Templates

Starting a blog CAN get really expensive, especially if you’re not making that money back yet, but it doesn’t have to. When I started blogging, I started on a strict budget, and used a lot of free tools and services. And guess what? I still use free tools wherever I can for all of my blogs! 

The only thing you absolutely need to pay for when starting your blog is hosting and a domain.

Other than that, you can bootstrap absolutely EVERYTHING that you’ll need to start your blog!

YouTube tutorials and other bloggers will offer advice that will be your lifeline to figuring out this whole blogging thing. You can also invest in learning by taking courses, which I also recommend, don’t go crazy.

Courses are great, but search for a YouTube tutorial on the thing you want to learn before paying for a course. If you can’t find a corresponding YouTube video, find the course for the thing you need to accomplish and go with it. Don’t blow your budget on a bunch of different courses if you don’t need to. 

There are No Guarantees

What often turns people away from blogging is that the income is not guaranteed.

Unlike your 9-5, you can’t just ‘show up’ 9 times, and get paid on the 10th. You are not clocking in and clocking out with a consistent paycheck two weeks.

Blogging can take time to build up. Even when you start to make money, it can be one to three months before you actually get paid, depending on the ad or affiliate network. In addition, your income will fluctuate over seasons, months or years.

So, in the meantime, you should try to cut costs elsewhere to save some money when starting out with your blog.

9 Easy Ways How to Save Money Starting a Blog

There are several ways to save money on a tight budget when starting a blog.

1. Pay Subscriptions Annually

It’s one of the best ways to save money starting a blog, even though it’s going to cost you a little more upfront, paying for subscriptions instead of paying monthly will save you money in the short run. Paying annually for things like hosting, can be a HUGE savings in the long run. Many software and other subscription services offer annual payments at a savings to monthly payments.

You can also check out AppSumo for some pretty wicked lifetime deals on software and other things.

2. Get a Free Domain

Remember that domain I talked about earlier?

Your domain is your website’s home address. It will be your brand and what’s also called your “URL”.

While a domain is generally fairly inexpensive (about $15 for a year) hosting companies will sometimes offer a free domain when you also purchase hosting through them.

Hostgator, for example, is a hosting company that provides you with a free domain when you purchase hosting through them.

3. Use “Freemium” Versions of Tools

Many tools, services and apps have a freemium version. Usually however, the only things you don’t get with the free version are certain advanced features or upgrades.

Here is a short list of “freemium” WordPress plugins:

  • Akismet
  • W3 Total Cache
  • Jetpack
  • WooCommerce
  • VaultPress
  • Monster Insights

4. Watch Out for Sales

Just about every business runs huge sales or discounts on their products a few times a year. 

The most common include Black Friday, Cyber Monday, 4th of July, and their business birthday or anniversary.

If there is a pricier course/software or other blogging asset that you are just dying to buy, try and hold out until one of these dates.

Trust me, it can save you a BOATLOAD of money!

5. Use Referral Codes

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways for new a blogger to make money.

You don’t need a ton of traffic to start generating an income from your affiliate sales.

Think about all the things you use in your daily life, and things you use for your blog.

If you’re a finance blogger and you use a finance app, then blog about that and use your referral code.

Just about every company and app has a “refer a friend” program or affiliate program that you can tap into. For blogging that’s Tailwind!

Look for things that fit into your niche and that your audience would also use, rather than just going after things that pay the most.

Blogging is all about serving your audience first!

6. Share the Blog and the Expenses

Did you know that there are lots of blogs owned by more than one person? 

Six Sister’s Stuff is six sisters sharing one blog and one channel. They can split the expenses to hire a photographer or the ingredients for their recipes and so forth.

If you want to start a blog but aren’t sure about the cost, or if you can really dedicate the time it will take to get your blog up and running, think about starting one with a friend or family member!

7. Bootstrap Where You Can

As I mentioned before, there are a lot of things that you can purchase that can really start to add up.

However, there are also freemium versions and free trials of things that can save you a lot of money.

Take email autoresponders for example…

Finding an autoresponder service to collect and send emails (which I HIGHLY suggest you do from the very beginning) can get pricey. But services like MailChimp offer a free version for up to a certain number of subscribers.

While it can be kind of a pain, you can always switch services or upgrade later on when you start to make more money.

Don’t worry about spending money on things like WordPress themes and stock photos until you actually start making money. There are plenty of free WordPress themes that you can use and an unbelievable number of stock photo sites that you can get blog images from. 

In addition, you don’t need the latest laptop or best cell phone to get started.

Work with what you already have or find a cheap/second hand alternative.

Now that we have covered ways that you can save money when it comes to the process of blogging, what about other ways to save money on a tight budget before you start making money with that blog?

Ways To Save Money At Home

Whenever you decide to start your blog, whether you are already a stay at home mom or you’re about to go on maternity leave, there are lots of ways that you can save (and make) some extra cash.

Even though I make good money blogging, I still budget and save where I can. As I mentioned, blogging income can fluctuate, so you don’t want to spend a lot if you find that the following month your income isn’t as high as it was the month before.

8. Create a Budget

9 Easy Ways How to Save Money Starting a Blog

Whether or not you are starting a business, you should have a budget. This will allow you to see where your money is going and how you can use it better. Budgets also help you to reach a goal, to pay down debts for example.

Make sure that you are budgeting for your priorities before anything else.

9. Cook and Eat at Home

Yes I know. This isn’t ‘blogging’ related. But cooking and eating at home will help you afford what you absolutely need to spend on your new blogging business.

It’s way too easy when you are staying home to just order in. The big problem with this? Ordering in so expensive, and adds up so quickly! Especially when you’re using those food apps! 

When you can, plan ahead and meal prep. You’ll save money. I’ve been heavily researching freezer meals mama! I’m getting ready for back to school big time with some freezer meal ideas!

You Can Save Money While Blogging

There are more than 9 Easy Ways How to Save Money Starting a Blog. When you are starting a blog you need to be super cheap in the beginning.

I know the saying is that “it takes money to make money”, but you don’t need to go blowing your entire savings or going into debt just to get your blog business started.

Invest in courses, tools, services that you KNOW will help you make money in the short run.

Be cheap! Be smart with your money.

So this was just 9 Easy Ways How to Save Money Starting a Blog. Now it’s your turn! How do you save money while you continue blogging? Share with me in the comments below!