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In the process of starting a digital business, there are lots of things that you should be aware of. When starting that business, you’re no doubt going to be doing some research. In that research process, you’re going to come across all kinds of ‘advice’. Not all of it will be good advice. Some of it will be downright trash, and your gut will tell you that it’s garbage advice.

But because you think “Well…this person is an expert. He/she knows more than I do about this topic”, you ignore common sense, and follow that trash advice. Even though your gut is telling you that it makes no kinda’ sense.

Your main priority is to listen to your gut. Period. If you think that a particular piece of advice makes no sense when it comes to starting your digital business, dig deeper. Don’t just go with it because you think someone else knows better.

Digital Business 101; One thing you should NOT do when starting a digital business.

There are literally a million moving parts to starting a digital business. If you can avoid adding another part to that mix, you should do so at all costs.

The other day, I was reading a book (the digital version) by a blogger/digital business owner. And one piece of her advice left such a bad taste in my mouth, that I had to write this post.

(Noting that this book was the digital version is important, because it makes sense that you know there were affiliate links in it.)

This advice was so blatantly self-serving, that it’s literally the ONLY time that I’ve read it anywhere.

It’s a writer/blogger/business owner’s job to help those who come seeking their advice. Especially when that advice is paid for. Right?

When you’re starting a digital business, no matter what kind of business it is, you’re going to need to purchase a domain and hosting services. Period. This is probably the one non-negotiable part of starting a digital business. There’s just no getting around it. You have choices in every other aspect of this venture, but buying your company name online, and hosting for that business isn’t one of them. 

This author told her readers, that when it comes to buying their domain name and hosting, they should purchase the domain and hosting separately. What she told them, was to purchase domain name at one company, then go purchase the hosting at another company. Then they would need to go back to ‘company #1’ and change the DNS settings to reflect where the site will actually be hosted! 

Do you see what’s wrong with this advice?

I know those of you who have gone through this process have already caught it. But for the brand new digital business owner, I’ll explain.

This is quite possibly the most self-serving piece of advice I’ve ever read. Never mind that it’s also one of the most inconvenient AND confusing things you can do when starting that business. 

Why wouldn’t the reader simply purchase domain and hosting with the same company? 

If you split the domain and hosting companies for your new digital business, God forbid, if/when you have an issue, you have to deal with two companies to get it resolved!

Adding insult to injury, the hosting company that she recommended offers a FREE domain name, with hosting purchase.

When I read that advice in that book, it called into question everything the author wrote from that point forward. I couldn’t read any further. 

Now…it doesn’t take a genius to know that the reason for the author’s terrible advice, was to get two affiliate payments instead of one. But even worse, she lead her reader to actually purchase a domain name, when they didn’t need to spend that money! 

As experienced bloggers and digital business owners, we give advice that we hope will benefit our readers. The fact that we might get an affiliate commission in that process, is gravy. If I’m using a product that I love, I definitely want my family and friends to know about it. That’s what affiliate marketing is about. 

My brother just started a new online business. He asked me for advice. I didn’t tell him to use two separate companies to start that business. I hooked him up with the company that I use for my digital businesses. 

One company. 

Purchasing your domain and hosting from ONE COMPANY simplifies the very first step of your digital business journey. This ‘starting a new business’ thing is going to be complicated enough. There’s no need to complicate it even further. There are going to be plenty of things that will frustrate the hell out of you in this process. Buying your business domain and hosting shouldn’t be one of them. 


by Debbie Burgin

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